Which Versions of Windows and SQL Should I Use With Infor CRM SLX 9.0?

Many folks who use Infor CRM SLX are updating to its latest version (9.0 as of this post). This is in part to move to a version that is upgrade safe, meaning that any customizations will be automatically preserved in future upgrades. Due to all these folks moving to Infor CRM SLX 9.0, we are often asked what version of Windows and SQL to use for a 9.0 server.

For Windows server, the most recent version that has been approved is Windows Server 2019. Older versions back to Windows Server 2012 R2 are also supported. Windows server 2022 is not currently supported. We have not personally tested 2022 to see if it works “well enough,” but I explain below why we would recommend against using an unsupported OS.

WIndows 2019

For SQL, the most recent version that Infor has approved is MS SQL Server 2019. Versions as old as MS SQL 2012 R2 are also supported. Note that, if you are using MS SQL express, only MS SQL Express 2012 and 2014 are supported. MS SQL 2022 is not supported. Also, note that when you are connecting to the database in SQL Server Management Studio, instances of SQL Server 2019 will show up as version 15.x .

SQL Server 2109 instance

I do suggest sticking with the supported versions of software with possible, for ease of obtaining support, if nothing else. When troubleshooting issues that arise using unsupported versions of the supporting software, it can be difficult to rule out Window of SQL itself as a possible contributor to the issue. This can slow down troubleshooting, even if the OS or SQL versions have nothing to do with it.

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