Product Table, ModifyDate field not included for use in SalesLogix Web.

I have been working to build a web interface that allows a user to add unlisted products into their system during the creation of a Sales Order or Quote.  When doing this, not only is the product added to the SALESORDERITEMS table, but also the PRODUCT and PRODCUTPROGRAM tables as well. While scripting this interface I came across an issue that is easy to address but had me thinking for a bit.   

The error received reads looks like this:

DictionaryAdapter: Could not find value related to key {ModifyDate}. This column is probably not mapped on ActiveRecord

A check on each of the tables involved showed that the PRODUCT.MODIFYDATE is not included for use when the web platform is built.  I checked some other web databases and found the same issue in all.

The fix is easy enough.  First, check the box to include the field. I also pressed the CTRL key and clicked the Build Web Platform button to make sure I got a full build.  I still was having the issue so I then had to delete all of the files in the SLX Client folder on the web server in order for the change roll out to the web site.

I thought I would throw this one out there in case someone is sitting there scratching their head over a similar error.



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