Quick and Dirty Troubleshooting for Infor CRM SLX

When any piece of software is failing, it is generally a good idea to analyze why the failure is occurring so it can prevented in the future. Sometimes, however, you just need to get things working ASAP and can worry about fixing the long-term issues later. With that in mind, here are a few things you can try to quickly restore service when Infor CRM SLX seems to be stuck.

Of course, the ultimate catchall solution for any issue on a Windows computer is to reboot, and Infor CRM SLX is not an exception to this rule. If something is stuck or out of memory, rebooting is one way to fix it without diagnosing where the actual problem is. With Infor CRM SLX, I would suggest rebooting both the application and web servers, if those functions are separate. If there is a separate SQL server, I would only suggest rebooting it as a last resort if rebooting the other servers did not unstick things.

Now, if you can do even a little bit of troubleshooting, you can alleviate many issues without rebooting the whole server. For example if jobs or reports are not working, but everything else is, you can try restarting the Job Service. Go to Services in Windows Administration on the computer running the Job Service, stop the Saleslogix Cache Server, restart Saleslogix Job Service, then start Saleslogix Cache Server again. (This makes sure there are no bad jobs waiting in the cache to immediately jam the job server again.) Likewise, if SpeedSearch is the only thing not working, you might try rebooting just that service. (Though I find I usually end up fiddling with the configuration when SpeedSearch is the issue.)

Restart Job Service

If the issue is more general and you need to clear everything, but you want to avoid rebooting the whole server, you can just stop all the Saleslogix services as a catchall. Infor recommends stopping all services one at a time starting at the top, saving Sever for next to last and stopping System last of all. Then reverse this order to restart them.

Restart Saleslogix Services

If the problem you are trying to fix seems isolated to the web, there are steps you can take short of rebooting the whole web server. Sometimes, opening IIS management console and recycling the application pool that Saleslogix is using will get things working again. More commonly, you will need to run an IISRESET. Open a command prompt on the web server and run the IISRESET command (caps doesn’t matter). This will kick off any user logged into the web client, but does fix quite a few possible issues with the web client.

Recycle App Pool

I am not claiming that these techniques will fix all or even most issues, but there will always be cases in which the need to get the system up and working as soon as possible will outweigh the need to analyze the specific issue occurring.

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