Rebuilding the XMLSchema in Infor CRM 8.x

Occasionally, it may become necessary to rebuild the XMLSchema to fix issues with groups in Infor CRM.  I wanted to take the opportunity to document here how to rebuild the XMLSchema in version 8.x of Infor CRM:

  • Run the following query in SQL:
    • Update sysdba.plugin set datacode = ‘REBUILD_SCHEMA’ where PLUGINID = ‘XMLSCHEMA’
  • From the start menu, open a command prompt and perform an IISRESET
  • Log into the Web Client as Admin
  • In the browser’s address field, append the following after /SLXClient
    • /SLXGroupManager.aspx?action=RebuildXMLSchema

At this point the XMLSchema has been rebuilt.


Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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