Troubleshooting Mobile Customizations Not Loading in Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

This article will outline tips to consider when working with mobile customizations in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and your customizations are not showing up. The first, and most important thing to know, is whether your customizations are even getting loading by the browser.

Checking If Your Customizations Are Being Loaded

As I mentioned, knowing whether your customizations are even being loaded by the browser is the first thing to check. To check this, open the mobile site (just need it to load, you don’t even need to log in) in Chrome and open the developer tools by accessing the Chrome menu Chrome menu at the top-right of your browser window, then select Tools > Developer Tools. With the developer tools open, click the Sources tab on the top, then expand SlxMobile\content\javascript. You should see your customization file listed there (keep in mind that it is minified into a single file named “argos-” followed by your customization file name (this file name is determined by your build file: See Bundling and Deploying Mobile Customizations for more info on the build file).


If you see your customization file there, that tells you that it is properly added to the index.html/index.aspx and being accessed. This tells you that the mobile client “sees” your customization file, which is what you want.

Checking the Code to See If Your Customizations Are Present

While you have the developer tools open and your file selected from the previous step, you’ll see the code looks compact and all pushed together into a single line. If you’d like to view the code there in a more readable format (so you can verify the code that is in the file and make sure it is up to date), copy the big long single line of code and go to and paste in the code. It will get it all formatted nicely again. Keep in mind that if your customization consists of several different files it will all be in that single file now after being deployed. Now you can easily scan through the code to ensure it is up to date with all of the code changes.

Checking For Errors From Your Customizations

With the developer tools open, click on the Console tab at the top. Any errors from your javascript (assuming it is loading as outlined in the previous steps) will show here in the console (in red). You’ll likely see other items listed there as well, and the far right side will show the file that is generating the error (which could show up as dojo.js, but hopefully will show up as your file name). If there are errors listed there you can go and address those, deploy, and reload to see your changes.

Clearing the Cache to Get The Current Version of Your Customizations

If the previous steps are showing an older version of your customizations, you can cause the cache to clear by touching the index.aspx file. Simply, open the file, make a small change like adding a space somewhere, and then save. Now when you go to the mobile site it will reload all of the current files from the file system into cache and you should be seeing the newest version of your customizations. Keep in mind that deploying does this automatically. However, touching the file can be a quick trick if you need it.

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