Refreshing a Specific Row Only in a Section List in Creatio

Along the lines of my last article on refreshing a section list, if you want to refresh only a specific row in a section list in Creatio, you can do so as long as you have the record primary Id value. For example, if I have a process that updates some row or rows, I can refresh only those rows once the process is done – instead of refreshing the entire list. To refresh a specific row, you’d use the following code:

// note: updatedId contains the primary Id for the row I am reloading

Note, this also allows you to include a callback to execute after the row has been reloaded. If needed, you can use that like this:

// note: updatedId contains the primary Id for the row I am reloading
this.loadGridDataRecord(updatedId, function() {
    // get updated row data if needed
    var updatedItem = this.get("GridData").find(updatedId);
    // now you can access values using updatedItem.get("UsrMyColumn") etc

This can also be sent via a sandbox message as follows:

this.sandbox.publish("ReloadSectionRow", updatedId, []);
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Ryan Farley

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