Refreshing the SalesLogix Ticket Status – By Assigned Crystal Report

Today we will tackle a report that is in need of a little updating, we will provide it a new look and fix some minor issues.  The report was originally blogged about back on Februaray 11th 2009.  Here is the link to see the entire post.

Start Excerpt …………

The “Support Ticket Status By Assigned”.  The report uses the condition fields of Assigned To and Assigned Date.  This report is organized by User, then by Ticket. There is a roll up of statistics concerning the users Ticket Management at the end of their group.  There is only one issue that I can see with the report layout.  The Notes field is bringing in the Internal Comments from the Ticket.  The field is set to grow as it should be with any memo field, but the line underneath is located in the same section. When the field grows it runs over the line making it appear as if there are two records.  The fix is adding another section and inserting only the line which will then display after the Notes section is done growing. 


 End Excerpt…….

In addition to fixing the issue as described in the original post I also want to add in some additonal Ticket information, update field formating and alignments, then I thought it would be nice to have a flag set up based on Need By Date.  In prep for this post I also noticed that this report took for ever to populate when I tried to run it in preview mode. 

First lets get this report running better.  I checked the database expert and found some unlinked USERINFO tables that were causing the issue.  I think these were added to the report to represent the Received by, Assigned To and Completed By Users but then the Developer found out he needed to use the SECCODE and SECRIGHTS tables instead.   Once the additonal USERINFO tables were removed the report ran a lot better.

I have posted on about everything else that I want to do with this report but the Need By Flag functionality.  The plan is to create a calculated field that detirmines if the Ticket is on track to be resolved by the Need By Date when compared to the Current Date. If the Current Date is greater then the Need By Date then the field will turn Red and state the word “OVERDUE”. 

This is my formula for the field:

If (CurrentDate) >{@NeedDate} then “OVERDUE” Else “On Track”

This is the basic formula for the color for the back ground and border for the field when displayed in the report:

If {@Need By Flag} = “Overdue” then crRed else crGreen

Here is the updated version of the report.  You can see I –

  • fixed the issue with the line running through the Internal Notes field

  • added the Subject, Area, Category, and Issue fields. 

  • relocated most of the fields to add to the flow of the report.   

  • You can see the flag along the right side.

We will be releasing the dates and information on the SalesLogix Report writing class.  I can tell you that the class will be in Late September and I am working very hard on the content to make sure the class is worth while.  If you have any suggestions at all feel free to write

Download the updated Report here and thanks for reading.

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