Removing an Opportunities Menu on the SalesLogix Toolbar

Question: There is menu called ‘Opportunities’ that appears between ‘Tools’ and ‘Reminders’ on the Toolbar when on Opportunities.aspx in the list view mode in SalesLogix.  This menu contains items called ‘Update Multiple Opportunities’ and ‘Opportunity Statistics’.  I need to remove the menu, but after looking through the code in Opportunities.aspx.cs and Application Architect but I am not able to find where to remove it.  How can I remove this menu?

Answer: What you are trying to accomplish is done through a module rather then a menu.  To remove this menu, open the Opportunity Detail portal page in Application Architect and remove ‘Sage.SalesLogix.Client.Opportunity.Modules.OpportunityModule’ from the list in the modules tab.  Reminder – this is only shown when in the list view.  Another option is to create a ‘DoNotShow’ role that no one is assigned to and only allow it for that role.

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