Retire a user in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and reassign the license

In Infor CRM (Saleslogix), it is possible to retire a user using the Admin program.  This frees up the user’s license, and suspends the user from logging in to CRM, but preserves their history in the system.  If the user has any accounts or activities that need to be reassigned, you will need to do that before you retire the user.  This is also done in the Admin program, using Realign Territories and Realign Activities from the Tools menu.

In the Tools menus, choose Realign Territories. Select the radio button for owner, and use the lookup to select the user to be retired.  Under Change, check the box next to Owner, and lookup the user you wish to transfer ownership to.  Under Include, check all three boxes.  Then click Realign.  If the user to be retired is an account manager, you can use a similar process reassign accounts they manage.

Again under the Tools menu, choose Realign Activites.  Use the lookup under Source User to select the retiring user. Then use the lookup under Target User to select the user you want the activities to go to.

Now you can open the retiring user’s account and change their type to retired.  In the Admin program, open the user you wish to retire.  Use the dropdown under User Type to set the type to Retired.  The license should become immediately available to reassign.

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  1. How do you convert a retired user to a valid user type if you accidentally retired the wrong user?


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