How to Ensure a Database on an Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Cloud Instance is Backed Up

When you replace the production database on an Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Cloud instance, you must take steps to make sure the restored database can be backed up by Infor’s automated backup process.  Normally, this would only occur when the database is first added to the cloud server during initial setup, but some users prefer to perform database upgrades on a development server, and then restore the updated database to the production cloud server.  In that case, these steps would need to be performed any time the database is upgraded.

To enable the database that is restored to the Infor CRM Cloud server to be backed up by Infor, perform the following steps, all in SQL manager:

  • Right click the database and choose Properties. Choose Options, and set recover model to Full.
  • Expand the database, expand Security, right click Users and select New User.
    1. Set the User name as dbbackup.
    2. Set Login name to the dbbackup (using the ellipses on Login name).
    3. Set Default schema to dbo (using the ellipses on Default schema).
    4. Select Membership and check the box for db_backupoperator.
    5. Click OK.
  • Expand Security (at the top level, not the one under the database), expand Logins, right click dbbackup and select Properties. Select User Mapping, and verify your CRM database is checked in the upper box.  In the lower box, select the db_backupoperator and public roles.

These steps will ensure that Infor’s automated process will be able to backup your Infor CRM database.

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