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Subscription based SalesLogix.

If you are like many people, you want the extensive features, functionality, and customization options that SalesLogix offers, but you don’t want to maintain servers, perform upgrades, etc.  Sage has the answer for you with SalesLogix Cloud.  The SaaS-like version of SalesLogix is scheduled for release in early 2010 but, as always, is subject to change.  Some of the benefits you can expect when it is finally available are:

  • Customers will have more control and input in upgrading to a new release.  SalesLogix Cloud will be delivered as a “single tenant” solution that puts the customer in control of the timing of an upgrade, not the SaaS vendor.
  • Flexible delivery – it may make sense for you to be on premise today and in the Cloud tomorrow.  Or, one part of your company has a strong on-premise need while another is disposed toward SaaS.  SalesLogix will provide choices for what’s best for your business.
  • Data ownership.  Your data is critical to your business.  With SalesLogix Cloud, your will always have full access and use of your data since we use industry standard databases.  If you move from the Cloud to on-premise you will be able to continue to use your data with SalesLogix on-premise.
  • Full customization.  Unlike multi-tenant solutions that necessarily need to restrict coding and customization practices, SalesLogix Cloud will have the full customization capability of SalesLogix as we know it today.
  • Local partner support.  With SalesLogix in the Cloud you’ll continue to enjoy an effective relationship with your existing SalesLogix Business Partner.  They know your business and can provide the same helpful services as they always have.    

Sounds pretty good, right?  We will keep you posted as more information, such as pricing, is released.


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