SalesLogix 7.5 Web Radio Group Items

I wanted to post about something that took me a long time to figure out.  In the SalesLogix 7.5 web, you can add a radio group control to allow for selection of options on screen.  This control can be bound to either write to a field in the database upon the selection being made or it can be unbound to prompt the user to make a choice that can then drive other on screen actions.

In my case I wanted to use an unbound version of a radio group to prompt the user choose what kind of action they wanted to perform on screen.  I set the OnChange action property of the radio group to “Refresh Data” since I needed the selection  of the radio item to force the screen to change based on the users input.

Group property

The problem was once I deployed my screen, when the user made a selection to the radio group and the post back action fired, the radio item reverted to the first item in the radio collection.

The Solution

Ok, simple reason for this.  The radio group items have two properties that are important to note:

Text– This is what will show to the user as the radio item text.

Value– This is the unique identifier required for the system to use in determining the post back selection.  The value selection is not visible to the user but can be used to store an ID or in this case tell the system what value was selected. 

On my screen I had filled in the Text property but not the Value property.  To fix the problem, all I had to do was copy the Text property into the Value property. 

Group items

This little omission cost me a lot of time.  Hopefully this post will help you to avoid a similar hang up.


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. Doh! I just hate those small things that take forever to figure out what is missing. At least you’ve posted it here, it will likely save others a headache.


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