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Just to ensure everyone understands what this series of blog posts are about, I have been writing on the reports that come with a standard Sage SalesLogix (SLX) Implementation. The purpose of starting this series was to help provide some exposure to the content of the SLX standard reports.  There are 5 posts total prior to this one.  The first was labeled the SalesLogix Reports Area and is probably the most important if you are unaware of this area of SalesLogix.

Today we are working with the History reports that come with a standard Sage SalesLogix Implementation.  All reports, unless specified, use the condition filter fields of Completed User and Completed Date.  There are four reports under the category of History. 

The first is the History by Account.  This report does a good job of breaking down History to the Contact level.   You are provided a report parameter for including the History Notes.  The sort for the report is alphabetical by Account, by Contact last name, and then by date with the latest record displaying first.  This is a pretty nice report, there are only two items I can come up with as improvements.

The field used to display the notes is the HISTORY.NOTES field which is a string with only 255 characters, this is automatically populated through the completion of an Activity. I have said it before, it would be nice to have the option to see the actual notes stored in the HISTORY.LONGNOTES (memo) field.

The value of duration is presented in minutes.  Most reports I have worked with where duration is wanted, I have been asked to calculate minutes into hours and then minutes which is easier for the reader of the report.  We could even have the formula set to figure out days.  Follow this link to see how this report has been updated.


Next up is the History by Contact report.  The same parameter is presented.  The report sorts alphabetically by Contacts last name, the Account for the contact then displays and then History is displayed by date with the latest record displaying first.  The same items to improve the History by Account report exist in this report.  I could add that it would be nice to see some of the Contacts information, such as Work Phone or E-Mail Address, in the Contact group header. Follow this link to see how this report has been updated.

The History Summary Report is very impressive.  This report is a user based report.  The User group has some useful header information.  The footer displays some roll up information. The report is sorted alphabetically by User last name, then by Account, and then by History date with the latest record displayed first. 

I would advise the same improvement items as in the previous reports in this post.  Other improvements would be to have roll up by Activity types.  Overall, this would be a nice starter report for just about any type of user summaries. Follow this link to see how this report has been updated.


The Support Call History report is truly a miss placed and poorly written report.  The content of the report suggests the report would be better located under the Ticket level.  The report is entirely focused on support calls with no reference to the History table what so ever. Not even the Ticket Activities Table is related to this report which would be the place where Associated History records would be saved.  The condition filters for the report uses the History table Create User and Create Date fields which will not work since this report does not use the History table at all.

Although the report launched right away in version 7.5, I had a number of errors when I tried to launch from the 7.2.2 version of SalesLogix. 

Finally the report puts out inaccurate data.  Not all of the qualifying records are displaying and the Account Summary counts are wrong.  In trouble shooting I found that some of the formulas do not account for null values correctly.    Granted my view could be skewed because I am using evaluation data. I think the intent of the report is good but the development and testing was rushed prior to acceptance as part of the standard SLX.  We will see this report again, trust me!  Follow this link to see how this report has been updated.

I will cover the methods of counting records using Crystal in a separate blog post.  If I get one more post out this year, I will try and focus on the Label reports.  There are 14 in all so we may cover them in a couple of sequential posts.

Merry Christmas to all, enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Please say a prayer for the future of our children and our Country.

If your traveling, be safe, and Keep Smiling. [:)]



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