SalesLogix v8 – What’s New in the Mobile Client


Here is the list of “What’s New” in the SalesLogix V8 Mobile Client.  Watch the video to see a demonstration of many of these new features.

Support for Events in Calendar
New Date/Time picker control
Multi-select picklist support
Roles/Secured Actions support
Signature Capture control (in Sample module on GitHub)
View address in separate tab (desktop browsers)
Add/Remove Opportunity Contacts
View/add Ticket Activities (no support for charges/rates)
Ticket activity Items (Products) – Read-only
New Mobile Portal in App Architect
Support for Activity Recurrences
View recurrences in Calendar
Add/Edit recurrence info in Activity Detail
Multi-regional address support
View multiple addresses for Account & Contacts
Server-side error log for troubleshooting
Improved Calendar rendering on Tablets
“Go To Date” button in Calendar
“Clear Field” button on all text input fields
New Dojo architecture
Customization improvements

Support for custom keyboard types on supported devices
Context-specific to facilitate URL, email, number entry
Usability enhancements
Clear button on text entry controls
Auto-populate Account address on Insert Contact/Account
New Date/Time picker control
Support for Events
Plug-n-play customizations
Drop custom module in AA for auto-merge and painless upgrade
Roles / Secured Actions
UI support for CRUD Secured Actions (Add, Edit)



Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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