SalesLogix Workgroup Log Files

The SalesLogix WGLogs folder contains all the files the system has created for syncing data from the main database to remote users.  If you have installed the Synchronization server and ran an initial sync these log files will continue to build in the WGLogs folder until the sync server runs and removes all but the active log file.

Let’s say you have decided to go with a Citrix or terminal server connection instead of remote users  here is what you will need to do to stop the flow of WGLog files.  Open the Administrator and remove the Logging path from the existing sync server.  This one step should stop the files from building but as an extra precaution I would recommend removing any sync service from the sync automation tab and disabling the SalesLogix Synchronization service within the Services.  Finally, if you are still concerned with log build up, run a script in the administrator that removes the synchronization server license from the licenses table.   Your last steps to clean up everything neatly and tidy are removing the files from the WGLogs folder as well as the Infiles, Outfiles, and Archives.   Make sure to leave the Libary and Documents folders as they stand so network users can access them. 

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