SQL Native Client for Infor CRM SLX

When installing Infor CRM SLX using SQL to host the database, it is necessary to the connector that allows the software to connect to SQL. This connector is included with any SQL install, so it need not be installed on a computer that already has some version of SQL installed. Any computer with a version of SQL server that is running Infor CRM SLX LAN software; including the Administrator program, Application Architect, or even just the LAN client; will need to install the SQL Native Client in order to be able to connect to CRM.  (Note that it is not needed for web client users.)

Luckily, downloading and installing the SQL Native Client is a very straightforward task. As of the time of this post, Microsoft has not updated SQL Native Client since the 2012 version, but this is not a problem, as it still works for out purposes. I usually just search the web for SQL Native Client 2012, which brings me to this page  on Microsoft’s site where I can download the client. Just click the Download link, choose the 32- or 64-bit version (should match your version of Windows) and click Next, then save the install file. Run the install file and accept all the defaults, and you will now have SQL Native client on that computer.

Save SQL Native Client Install

There is nothing to configure with SQL Native Client, so there are no steps beyond running the install. If you are trying to set up the Connection Manager on a computer with no SQL or SQL Native client, you will not have the SQL Server Native Client 11.0 available in the OLE DB Provider tab, so will be unable to set up the Data Link connection. If you are setting up client software (such the LAN client) on a computer with no SQL Native Client, everything will appear to work, but the system will throw a generic “unable to connect to database” message when you try to connect.

SQL Native Client OLE DB

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