SQL Recovery Models and Infor CRM

I am not really a SQL guru, though I have been using it for quite some time. And, though this isn’t really a SQL blog, I have come across enough folks having trouble with the the recovery model they are using for their Infor CRM SQL database, I am going to use some posts to cover the basics.

Select SQL recovery model

Infor CRM is most commonly used with a SQL database, and one of the options in a SQL database is the recovery model. You can set the recovery model on the Options page of the database’s Properties. The Simple recovery model requires the least maintenance, but does not retain the transaction logs long-term. If something goes wrong with a database using the Simple recovery model and you need to recover, you will need to restore from the last good backup.

The Full recovery model retains a record of all the transactions since the last good backup. If you need to recover a database using the Full recovery model, it can restore right up to the last transaction that was successfully logged, meaning little or no data loss. The downside of the Full model is that you have to manage to logs to make sure they don’t get to big, which I will cover in the next post.

(There is also a Bulk-Logged recovery model, but it is not generally used with Infor CRM databases, so I am ignoring it.)

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