Sublogix, Simple Repository for SalesLogix – Now Available!

Sublogix, the simple repository and entity model for SalesLogix, is now available via the NuGet package management system! You can now easily get Sublogix to use in your own custom SalesLogix projects. Best of all, you can get it easier than ever using the NuGet package management system.

What is Sublogix?

Before you continue, if you’ve not yet seen the previous posts & videos on Sublogix, take a look. This will change how you do custom SalesLogix development.

What is NuGet?

NuGet is a new open source initiative from Microsoft. Package management is something we’ve been missing in the .NET world. Ruby has Gems, Clojure has Maven. So, what is “package management”? It is a way for you to discover & use assemblies in your development. Without package management, to use some DLL from somewhere, such as log4net as an example, you need to go track down where to download it from. Then get the DLL in place where it will work with source control, add a reference to it, wire it up in your config file, not to mention if the DLL has dependencies – you have to do all this for those too. Later, if you want to get a newer version you’ll go through all of that again. With package management, you don’t really worry about any of that. You add the log4net package to your project and it downloads the DLL, places it in a location that will work with source control, wire up any needed config, and even do the same for dependencies. Even get updates to the DLL later if you want. NuGet is a completely awesome start at package management for .NET. To get it, all you need to do is go into the Extension  Manager in Visual Studio and find/install NuGet tools (the video below shows you how to do this). Whether you end up using Sublogix or not, you’re completely crazy if you don’t use NuGet for other things. Go get it.

How to Get Sublogix Using NuGet

Enough talking, let’s take a look at how to install NuGet and then use NuPack to easily add Sublogix to a Visual Studio project. NOTE: When the video was recorded, NuGet was called NuPack so keep in mind that when I mention NuPack, just think NuGet.

What Are You Waiting For?

I’d love to get feedback on what would make Sublogix even more useful. I’m releasing it free to use under the GPLv3 license. It’s closed source for now, but I wanted to get it out there for others to use. Documentation is coming, but you’ll likely find everything you need from my previous two posts mentioned at the beginning of this article. Have fun!

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Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley is the Director of Development for Customer FX and creator of He's been blogging regularly about SalesLogix, now Infor CRM, since 2001 and believes in sharing with the community. His new passion for CRM is Creatio, formerly bpm'online. He loves C#, Javascript, web development, open source, and Linux. He also loves his hobby as an amateur filmmaker.


  1. Ryan, Have you had a chance to implement Sub Logix to Sage CRM ?

  2. I’m trying to get sublogix to work with my local database.
    When I run the custom tool i get the error
    “A namespace cannot directly contain members such as field or methods”
    I’m not sure what is causing this or what i need to change.

    • You’ll get an error like that if you have things like fields on tables that have the field name the same as the table name. The tool handles ACCOUNT.ACCOUNT (by changing the ACCOUNT field property to AccountName). You might also get the error if the namespace specified in the ttinclude (default is Sublogix.Entities) is the same as a table name in your database. So in the case of the default, if you had a table named Entities. Do either of those suggestions help?

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