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Passing Values Between Forms in Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Web

There are a few different ways to pass values or objects between forms in the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Web client. Since Infor CRM is an ASP.NET application, you have all the things available in ASP.NET for persisting values such as the Session (See Kris Halsrud’s article on using the Session in Infor CRM). There is […]

Finding the Current Parent Record ID in SalesLogix Web

Sometimes it’s the easiest things that can be a big barrier to entry for getting started with something. I was reminded of this recently with some forum posts on slxdeveloper.com. Something as simple as getting the ID value of the current record can get in the way of getting the real work done if you’re […]

Setting the Default Sort for a DataGrid in SalesLogix Web

SalesLogix Web comes with it's own set of controls to be used on QuickForms. These controls are still in their infancy and will likely grow over time, but for now, there are some things missing that might be perceived as limitations. It's helpful to know more about what is under the hood of these OOTB QuickForm controls so you can easily work around limitations and push the controls to behave the way you want them to work.

Making Required Fields More Visible for SalesLogix 7.2 Web

If you've implemented the new SalesLogix 7.2 Web Client, chances are that you've heard complaints from your end-users about the way that required field validation appears when attempting to save a record. You've probably heard, I click Save and nothing happens - they don't notice the little red asterisks next to the required fields that did not validate.

Passing Customer Portal Credentials to the SalesLogix Customer Portal – Without Logging in

I would imagine that it is a common request for many companies that use the SalesLogix customer portal to allow their customers to create tickets to want to bypass the login screen since they might be launching the customer portal from some other customer site where the customer has already logged in. This is a reasonable request. If you've already validated the customer when they logged into some other customer portal or site, you don't ...

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