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Unit Testing SalesLogix .NET Extensions and Mocking the SlxApplication Object

One of the many great things about developing for the SalesLogix Windows client using .NET Extensions is that you are able to unit test your code. However, since .NET Extensions are passed references to the running instance of SalesLogix, it's important to be able to mock those objects so you can test properly. Best of all, this also allows you to fully test and debug within Visual Studio without the need to have SalesLogix even running.

Announcing the Open-Source SalesLogix .NET Extensions Helper Library

If you're working in the SalesLogix Windows (LAN) client, why not make as most use as possible of a modern development environment, language, and tools? The SalesLogix .NET Extensions feature in the SalesLogix Windows client is one of the best, and likely least used, features in the SalesLogix Windows client development story. A choice bewteen using an out-dated development environment and VBScript, with no possibility of using source control...

Ping a Remote Server Using C#

In my last post, I shared some code in VBScript to PING a remote server to check for availability before attempting to use a resource on that remote server. This wouldn't be my blog if I didn't also share this code in C# as well. IMO, this sort of thing is a far better suited for a .NET Extension if for the SalesLogix Windows client.

How to Debug a SalesLogix .NET Extension

The question of how to debug a .NET Extension has come up a few times in the SalesLogix Business Partner newsgroups as well as on the slxdeveloper.com forums. I've answered this a few times in those locations, so this might be a repeat of info for some, but I did think it was worthwhile to post again here as well.

SalesLogix and .NET in Version 7

The next version of SalesLogix (v7) will include support for executing .NET 2.0 code in SalesLogix. You run code from .NET assemblies, load forms into SalesLogix, and just about anything else. This is an awesome addition to SalesLogix for the developer that wants to get outside the “Architect box”. Here's a short sample (I'll be posting a lot more of these, but I need to make sure I won't get in trouble with any non-disclosures and beta agree...

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