SalesLogix and .NET in Version 7

The next version of SalesLogix (v7) will include support for executing .NET 2.0 code in SalesLogix. You run code from .NET assemblies, load forms into SalesLogix, and just about anything else. This is an awesome addition to SalesLogix for the developer that wants to get outside the “Architect box”. Here’s a short sample (I’ll be posting a lot more of these, but I need to make sure I won’t get in trouble with any non-disclosures and beta agreements):

In Visual Studio 2005

using System;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace SLXNetTest
    public class Class1 : Sage.SalesLogix.LAN.WinForms.BaseRunnable
        public override object Run(object[] Args)
            string msg = "Hello .NET-SalesLogix World!rnrn" +
                         "Argument passed: " +
                                             (Args.Length == 0 ? "None" : Args[0].ToString()) + "rn" +
                         "Current userid: " + SlxApplication.BasicFunctions.CurrentUserID() + "rn" +
                         "Connection String: " + SlxApplication.ConnectionString;

            MessageBox.Show(msg, ".NET MessageBox");
            return null;

We’ll compile that and add it to SalesLogix via the new .NET Forms Manager.

In a SalesLogix VBScript

Application.Managed.Run "SLXNetTest", "SLXNetTest.Class1", "Some argument"

Now Run the script and…

While this really does rock, it doesn’t stop there. Loading .NET forms into the client. Forms, replacements for things like the account detail screen, passing values to the .NET code and back to the calling script, etc. Granted you could do all of this before (I’ve been doing this stuff in projects for years) but the best part of all of this is that the .NET stuff you add to SalesLogix can be bundled and will all synch out to remotes. Awesome stuff.


Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley is the Director of Development for Customer FX and creator of He's been blogging regularly about SalesLogix, now Infor CRM, since 2001 and believes in sharing with the community. His new passion for CRM is Creatio, formerly bpm'online. He loves C#, Javascript, web development, open source, and Linux. He also loves his hobby as an amateur filmmaker.

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