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Updates to the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Toolkit

I’ve released some updates to the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Toolkit. This new release adds some fixes and a few new features. View the SalesLogix Mobile Developer series index Download the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Toolkit New Features Some of the more notable new features in the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Toolkit are the following: Support for adding […]

Introducing the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Toolkit

I am very pleased to announce a new & free open source tool from Customer FX named the SalesLogix Mobile Developer Toolkit. This toolkit will make your life easier when working with the SalesLogix Mobile product and provide automation to some of the tedious tasks you have to complete before you actually get to start writing code. Let's take a look.

Excluding SalesLogix Model Files from Source Control

Whether you're using Git, or some other source control system, there are certain files in a SalesLogix model that you do not want to include in your source control. Many part of the files in an exported SalesLogix model are automatically generated by the Application Architect and by the build process when you build your web platform. Having these files under source control would only complicate things when working with multiple developers sin...

A Demo of Sublogix – Simple Repository for SalesLogix

A few weeks ago I announced Sublogix. Sublogix is Customer FX project that provides a simple repository for SalesLogix development, allowing you to use an entity model and repository in any version of SalesLogix and is great for use in .NET Extensions in the LAN client, stand-alone or addon applications for SalesLogix or whatever. Death to SQL statements. Things are progressing nicely with Sublogix so I decided it was time to give you a closer lo...

Introducing Sublogix – a Simple .NET Repository for SalesLogix Applications

Something that was born out of a project I've been working on is a simple repository for SalesLogix that supports all the way back to SalesLogix v6.2 up to the current 7.5.3, both LAN and Web as well as stand alone applications and utilities. I've named it Sublogix. Sublogix is a simple object model and repository for SalesLogix. Sublogix is not meant to replace the SalesLogix Repository that lives in SalesLogix Web. It's purpose is t...

Big Update for Git Extensions for SalesLogix – Now Automatically Updates and Installer Available

I have released a big update for Git Extensions for SalesLogix. This new version includes a ClickOnce installer and will keep itself up to date automatically. The installation of Git Extensions for SalesLogix is now brain-dead easy. You just access a URL and click the Install button. Not only that, you'll automagically be updated to new releases as they become available.

Account Hierarchy for SalesLogix Web Source Code Has a New Home

The Account Hierarchy for SalesLogix Web module has a new home. I have moved the source to Github to make a public repository for the code and make it easier for others to get the latest source as I make changes to it. I released a public download of the Account Hierarchy module almost a year and a half ago for SalesLogix 7.2. Since that time it has had hundreds of downloads. I have make some tweaks over time and decided there needed to be a bett...

Update to Git Extensions for SalesLogix Available

For anyone who uses Git Extensions for SalesLogix, I've released a small update that adds some core functionality and makes it possible to complete the entire scenario of setting up and using Git with a SalesLogix project - all from within the SalesLogix Application Architect!

Preview of Git Extensions for SalesLogix

Yesterday I announced my new project Git Extensions for SalesLogix. I received a lot of e-mails from people who read that post, so I thought it would be a good idea to record a quick video so you can see it in action and get a better idea how it works. This quick 4-5 minute video will show you how to commit changes in Application Architect to a Git repository and push the changes to an online repository as well, all from inside Application Archit...

Announcing Git Extensions for SalesLogix and the Customer FX Open Source Initiative

This blog post is the first of many that will cover the topics of using source control with SalesLogix development, Customer FX's open source initiative, and the new Git Extensions for SalesLogix module for Application Architect. These are three things I am completely excited about. Using source control with SalesLogix development in Application Architect is a necessity if you want to do it right. Git Extensions for SalesLogix is the first of...