The Connection Manager LAN Program in Infor CRM SLX

In the course of posting here, I have given instructions on how to perform many tasks in Infor CRM SLX. For the next few posts, I am going to approach this from the other side, giving an overview of which administrative functions each of the local LAN programs performs in Infor CRM SLX. This is in hopes of giving readers an idea of where to start looking for a given function if they are not sure which program handles it. I will attempt to provide links back to more-detailed descriptions of the procedures mentioned when they can be located.

Connection Manager

The first program I will be covering is Connection Manager. This program is used to create or edit the connection to the Infor CRM SLX database. This connection is referred to as the Data Link. You will need both the server name and SQL instance name in the Server Name field. Also note that the dropdown list of databases will not populate unless you have to connection information correct. Be further warned that you will need to set Persist Security Info in the All tab to True; and that any time you make any changes, this value will automatically be reset to false, and you will need go to that tab and set it back to True again. (For a detailed set of instructions on how to set up the connection to a new database, see this post.) While it is possible to set up multiple Data Link connections, as a practical matter, only one will be active at any given time.


Set Up Datalink

I am going to say a bit more about the Data Link here, as you may also need to set up a the connection between it and the LAN programs. When you open any LAN program, it shows a Log On To value. The value shown here is not the Data Link itself, but the connection to the Data Link (despite the window being titled Data Link Properties). This will be automatically populated when you create the first Data Link, but will need to be separately edited if there are are any additions or changes. Note that the field labeled Saleslogix Database Name is actual the name given to the Data Link connection the previous step. It is generally a good practice to give the connection to the Data Link the same name as the Data Link it connects to, and this is even required in more recent  versions of Infor CRM SLX. Using the name of the database for this is common, but not strictly required.

Connection to Data Link

Note that the Application Architect LAN program uses its own separate connection to the database, which I will talk about when we cover that program.

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