New Free Outlook for Windows App Does Not Support Infor CRM SLX Xbar

Microsoft has a new free app available called Outlook for Windows. (Why this matters for Infor CRM SLX users will be made plain momentarily.) The app is to be the new default Mail app that comes with Windows, and is being pushed out as a replacement for both Mail and Outlook. It basically an upgrade of Mail that rolls the default Windows Mail and Calendar app functionality into one app, with enough new features added Microsoft wanted to call it Outlook.


New Outlook for Windows

Presently, if you launch regular Outlook or Mail, you might see a toggle to Try the New Outlook. Clicking that will cause it is switch over the new Outlook for Windows, though there should be a toggle in Outlook for Windows to switch back.

Outlook toggle

Even though this new app is called Outlook for Windows, it is basically the old Mail app with features added. That is to say, on a program level it is very different from the Outlook that comes with Microsoft Office.  That is important here, because Infor CRM SLX Xbar can only integrate with regular Outlook that comes with Microsoft Office, not new Outlook for Windows. If you are using Xbar, and switch to Outlook for Windows, Xbar will no longer be there. You should be able to toggle back to regular Outlook to get it back.

Outlook with Xbar

I have seen reports where the choice to toggle back is not present. In these cases, nothing bad has happened to regular Outlook, it is just that new Outlook for Windows has hijacked that particular shortcut. You just need to create a shortcut to the old, regular Outlook to get it to launch again.  On my computer, the path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE , though it would vary a bit depending on which exact version of Outlook you have.

Outlook Path

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