This Innovative CRM Now Has a New Name

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Last week some big news dropped – bpm’online officially changed its name to Creatio.  And they didn’t just announce this change with a standard press release, they went big.  Jump out of a plane big.  Did you miss it?  Take some time and watch the video.  The name change isn’t a change to the products, strategy, or commitment to low-code CRM and process automation.  To the contrary, the name change is to better reflect all of those things.

“The new name reflects our strong belief that everyone will become a developer, able to automate ideas and create custom solutions in minutes. We call these solutions “creatios.” – Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner Creatio

I encourage you to read Katherine’s full letter about changing the name of bpm’online to Creatio.

The team at CFX is excited about this name change and to see how Creatio will continue to empower businesses to create solutions that adapt to their unique and ever changing needs.


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