This is The Most Unique Renaming Event Ever!

Taking place October 30th, 2019 at 10am EDT.











Bpm’online is getting a new name.  What?!?  That’s right, after 17 years the name is getting an overhaul to better represent the company they’ve become and their strong belief that everyone should be able to automate ideas and create custom solutions.  Making a name change is a big deal, but there’s a long history of companies renaming themselves to better represent their evolution.  A few examples:

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts now goes by Dunkin’.  Though they still sell donuts, the new name takes the emphasis off the delicious fried dough in the hopes that you’ll consider them when you’re hungry for a breakfast sandwich or need a cup of coffee.
  2. Have you heard of Instagram?  Of course you have.  Did you know it was originally named Burbn? Probably not.  Burbn had many other features besides photo sharing, but when it became obvious that was the most popular feature the company narrowed its focus and changed its name.
  3. LG started out as Lucky and GoldStar Co., Ltd. until it made the switch in 1995.  LG definitely rolls off the tongue in a way that Lucky and GoldStar never could and plays nicely with their slogan “Life’s Good”.
  4. Over a 197 million people visit Amazon each month, are you one of them?  Bet you didn’t know it was originally named Relentless.  In fact, Jeff Bezos still owns the domain, and if you enter the domain in your browser you’ll be redirected to Amazon.

Getting back to bpm’online… They’re going to reveal the new name in a big way, both literally and figuratively.  On October 30th at 10am EDT bpm’online will reveal their new name in the sky.  We’ll be watching and we hope you will too!

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