Upgrade Databases Included with Infor CRM SLX Install Media to Required Version

Last post, I wrote about how to attach the blank and evaluation databases that come with the Infor CRM SLX install media. In light of that, I wanted to say a bit about the version of these databases. On any given version of the Infor CRM SLX install media, the blank and eval databases will be for the previous version. So, for example, on the Infor CRM SLX 8.5 install media, the databases included are at version 8.4. Therefore, after one of these databases is attached, it will need to be manually upgraded.

The specific steps for upgrading a database can vary slightly from version to version, please check the documentation included on the install media for the exact procedure. The general procedure for this upgrade, however, is largely the same. After connecting the database in CRM, log on to the Admin program and add the upgrade bundle. Then log on the Application Architect on add the web bundles (there are usually two or three). Finally, run the conversion utility. The system will now be ready to build and deploy.

Install SXB Upgrade

For example, let’s have a look at upgrading the evaluation database included on the Infor CRM SLX 9.0 install media so in can be used with a 9.0 system. After connecting to the evaluation database, which is at version 8.5, open Administrator and go to Bundles. Click Install, and then locate the  file Infor CRM SLX v8.5 to v9.0 Upgrade.sxb.  Go through all the steps to install that bundle, then close Administrator and open Application Architect.  In the View Menu, click Bundle Manager, then click Install. Browse to the folder where you have stored the web bundles, then install them in the following order. First install ICRM SLX v9.0 Web VFS.zip, then run Rebuild Database Schema from the Tools menu, then install ICRM SLX v9.0 Web Actions.zip, then Infor CRM SLX v9.0 SLXCustom.zip.

Install Web Upgrades

You are now ready to run the Conversion Utility.  In Windows File Manager, browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Saleslogix, and locate ConversionUtility_9.0.exe.config.  Right click on it, and choose to edit it with Notepad (or other text editor), find the connectionStrings section, and edit the Initial Catalog value to be name of the connection to your database (Saleslogix_eval, in our example).  Now run ConversionUtility_9.0.exe.  The default actions selected should work fine. Once that is complete, you are ready to build and deploy.

Conversion Utility

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