Attach Database from Infor CRM SLX Install Media

When you need a new Infor CRM SLX database, you can obtain one from the install media. It contains both a blank database, named “saleslogix”, and an evaluation database named “slx_eval”. The blank database has all the tables and fields and other default values, just no CRM data; while the eval database has sample data. This makes the eval database useful for testing, while the blank database is used as the starting point for a new Infor CRM SLX database that will have data imported from elsewhere.

Attach Database

If you run the setup application from the install media, and go to server installation, one of the choices there is to Install Microsoft SQL Databases. You may choose into which SQL instance to place the database(s), and whether to attach blank, eval, or both. There are few other choices. However, if you are running the install on the same server that houses your SQL serer for CRM this will be sufficient to attach the databases where you need them.

MDF file

It is also possible to attach one of the databases manually. If you look at the Database folder in the install media, you will notice there are the .MDF files for both databases: saleslogix.mdf, and saleslogix_eval.mdf. You can copy one or both of these files to the folder in which you wish to store the database. Then open SQL Management Studio, choose to attach a database, and connect directly to to the .MDF file you copied. Keep in mind that SQL Management Studio will assume that there is a corresponding .LDF file, and try to connect to that as well. This will prevent the database from connecting at all. In order to get this option to work, it is necessary to remove the .LDF file from the file to be added, so only the .MDF is shown.

Remove LDF file

After adding the database to your SQL instance, you must associate the sysdba database owner with the sysdba SQL login so that CRM will be able to connect. Easiest way is to run

sp_change_users_login ‘Update_One’, ‘sysdba’, ‘sysdba’

against the newly added database. At this point, you should be ready to go.

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