Using Zip codes for Territories

Recently a client of ours wanted to start using Territories.

They currently have all of their account records ownership under “Everyone”.

They thought they would begin to divide the Country by City and State.

My recommendations was to use Zipcode. There are several ways you can use Zip code.

You can use the entire Zip Code, 3 Digit Zip Code or the *SCF code.

Complete listing of these codes can be readily purchased online for a reasonable price.

Once you have the List, Accounts can be divided using The Query Builder and realigned using the Territory Realignment Tool within SalesLogix.

They could also be realigned quickly using SQL statements or a custom interface could allow the Administrator to change territories anytime.

 Just remember to think through the entire process prior to making any decisions.

Good Luck!!

*The definition of SCF Code According to (see Below)

A three-digit ZIP Code refers to the first three digits of any 5-digit ZIP Code designated by the US Postal Service for mail delivery. Like 5-digit ZIP Codes, three-digit ZIP Codes equate to on the ground delivery regions. The first digit (0-9) corresponds with a general region in the country, with 0 being in the northeast, and 9 on the west coast.

Each 3-digit ZIP Code is administered by a Sectional Center Facility (SCF). A SCF is a mail processing and distribution center that serves one or more 3-digit ZIP Codes. There are over 900 3 -digit ZIP Codes in the US, which belong to over 400 SCFs.


Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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