What Happened to the SalesLogix Close Opportunity Form?

I recently assisted a client with restoring the Close Opportunity Form that appears when you select “Closed – Won” from the Opportunity Status field.  The form is dependent on the exact picklist value and that value had been changed to “Closed-Won”. There are certain controls that do not like a space in the picklist value but this does not appear to be the case for both the LAN and Web Clients in version 7.5.x.  If you were really set on changing this value you would need to modify the following code in the Opportunity Detail form script.

If Application.Translator.Localize(pklStatus.Text) = Application.Translator.Localize(“Closed – Won”) Then  ‘DNL
       CallCloseOpportunityView(Application.Translator.Localize(“Closed – Won”))  ‘DNL
       Application.BasicFunctions.GlobalInfoSet “CurrentOpportunityClosed”, “T”

Make sure to test this before releasing it to your users and lock down the Opportunity Status picklist. Personally, I would lock the picklist down and leave it as is.  [:)]




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