Where Does Infor CRM Store Documents?

Though I have blogged about related topics before, this gets asked often enough it it worth a bit of overlap with previous posts. Infor CRM software (forermly Saleslogix) is designed to store almost everything in the database (usually a SQL database, though it also supports Oracle). The sync logs, however, and any documents attached to entities in CRM, are stored in a folder on the server.

The best practice for Infor CRM is to set up a SyncLogs folder somewhere on the web server, and create sub-folders for the Sales Library and Attachments, usually named Library and Documents. This is controlled in the Admin program, in the Offices tab of the Systems section. As you can see in the example below, Library and Documents are sub-folders of SyncLogs, even though Sync is not active on that system. These paths are merely convention. You may name and organize the folders differently if desired, just make sure all users of Infor CRM software have read and write access to those folders.


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  1. Hi, thank you for your insights concerning document storage in Infor CRM. On this front, we are able to export attachment details only (Id, Name, Account, Size etc.) using the export capability from the end user workspace, but not the actual files (that we need to store in another system). Would you know how to extract attachments with their related entities Ids?

    • I am sorry, but I do not know a way to do that using the out-of-the-box export feature. I am guessing you would need some sort of custom code (at either the program or database/filesystem level) to make that happen. I do know that if you need to look up the actual Windows file names for the attachments, you can pull them out of the FILENAME field in the sysdba.ATTACHMENT table in SQL. I am assuming this table is generally liked to using the ATTACHID field, but have never tried anything with it myself.

  2. Hi Dan, Thank you for your quick response that helps with our investigation. Hopefully, we will find a solution within the specified timeframe, and if we do, we will share the outcome with you. Thanks


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