A New Way to Create a Detail (One-to-Many List) in Creatio 7.17.1

In Creatio 7.17.1 they have added a new way to create and add details to a page. I’ve made an article before on how to create and add a detail the original way where you can view here. That way is still completely valid, however, this new way will save some time and steps. In this article I will show you the new way on how to create and add a detail to a page and tell you why it’s a very helpful feature.

This new way of creating and adding a detail is a lot faster than the original way. First step is to open up the page in the section wizard then you will want to click add detail.

You’re going to have three options here. One option is to use the drop down if you have already used the detail wizard, this is just like the old way. Now there are the two newer options, one of them is “add using new object”. You can choose this if you haven’t created the object for your detail yet. The other option “add based on existing object” is if you have your object created already but haven’t done the detail wizard yet. If you choose either one of these options you will get a different pop up depending on which one you chose. This is what you’ll get if you choose “add based on existing object”:

You will have to select the object name and give it a title and that’s all. The image below is what you’ll get if you choose “add using new object”:

You’ll have to give your object and detail a title and a code. All of the lookup parts should automatically connect to the right fields depending what page you’re adding the detail to. When you use one of these new ways of adding a detail it saves the step of creating an object but you will still have to use the detail wizard to edit your detail.

Like I said before the old way is still perfectly fine to do but if you want to save some time with creating the object, this way can be a lot faster.

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