Adding Filtering Options to the Notes/History tab of Accounts in SalesLogix v7.0

Question: I have been asked to add two filtering options to the Notes/History tab
of the Accounts entity of SalesLogix v7.0.  I need a filter to provide a
picklist of Category options to filter, and the other filter needs to
behave in a similar way to the “Show Database Changes” check box by
always hiding a Category with “Tech Support” unless the check box is
checked.  Can you provide me with some advice on performing these

Answer: The form and the code are easily modifiable.  You need to start by
editing the Account: NotesHistory form, the filter controls are on the
form but you can’t seem them.  Click on the pnlFilterOptions and expand
it downwards and you will see the controls.  Add your new controls and
modify the associated events, when you are done make sure to shrink the
panel back to its original height.  Keep in mind that you may need to
modify the NotesHistory Common script to handle the new controls as



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