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How I assign ownership to a group of Leads in Infor CRM?

There is a tool within Infor CRM to align Accounts to different Account Owners. It is called Territory Realignment. There is a tool in Infor CRM to globally replace data in Contact/Account Fields. But, I cannot find a way to update Lead ownership within Infor CRM. How is this accomplished in the interface?

How do you set the Base Directory when Deploying your Web Client on Infor CRM 8.1?

Question:How do I make sure my Base Directory is set correctly on Infor CRM ? Recently I had a customer that had created a backup of their LIVE database and restore it for testing purposes. When they restored the database and deployed, they did not check the base directory settings for the Slxclient in the IIS settings. It was still pointing to the LIVE database server and deployed to the server. All changes made to the database by users wer...

Infor CRM Summary Report

I had a user ask me what is the best way to figure out database statistics: 1. How many records are in my database? 2. What is the version of Infor CRM that I am running? 3. What Licenses do I own for Infro CRM?

Checking Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Picklists for valid data

This week I received a question about a particular picklist. One of the picklist items, when chosen, would not show up in the field. If another item was chosen with it, the other item would show up, but if you went back into the picklist, the first was not checked. It was doing strange things and would not stick in the field.

How Can You Get a Count of All Your Groups in Saleslogix?

Today I had a Administrator ask me how they could get a count of all of their groups in SalesLogix. They were doing maintenance and deleting many old groups in the system, which should be done frequently. The following script can be run in the Sql server management studio to show you a count all all groups in Saleslogix:

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