Are there settings that need to be changed when New users cannot log into the SalesLogix web client?


New users cannot log into the SalesLogix web client and/or existing
users are routed to the login page after attempting to hit a page that
they had not previously accessed.


This can be caused if the AUTOINCREMENT flag has been set to a value of
‘T’ for the VIRTUALFILESYSTEM table in the SECTABLE defs table of the
database. This flag is not a flag that can be set/changed via the
SalesLogix GUI, but rather is sometimes updated manually for other
tables when large data imports are taking place (SQL SSIS, etc) through
the SalesLogix provider.

When set to ‘T’ this value causes the
web application to be unable to write new VIRTUALFILESYSTEM table
records containing user specific information. The AUTOINCREMENT value
for the VIRTUALFILESYSTEM table should always be set to ‘F’.


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