Associating A Secured Function With an Action in SalesLogix v7.2.2

Question: I’m running SalesLogix v7.2.2 and I would like to add a new function
that runs off of the Insert menu.  Within Architect I go into
Manage/Secured functions, this is where I create my New Insert xx
function.  After I do this and log back into the SalesLogix client, I
can see the new menu entry is available but when I select it I get this
message: “Unknown Function
Number: -1”.  I haven’t associated this function with an action, so I am
wondering how can I associate the new secured function with an action?

Answer: The “action” is defined in a global script, so either create a new global script or use one that you have already created.

Add an OnBeforeFunctionExecute function routine resembling the following:

Function OnBeforeFunctionExecute_NAME OF YOUR SEC FUNCTION(functionNumber, functionName)

    ‘Add some code here that you want to be executed when the user launches the secured function.

    OnBeforeFunctionExecute_NAME OF YOUR SEC FUNCTION = True ‘This tells SLX that the function completed successfuly.

End Function

Here’s an example from a custom sec function called ViewHotList

Function OnBeforeFunctionExecute_ViewHotList(functionNumber, functionName)

    Application.MainViews.Add “System:Staffing Hot List”, 1, True
    OnBeforeFunctionExecute_ViewHotList = True
End Function

The “Global Tickets” script also has examples of these functions.



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