Automatically Setting a LookupEdit Control Based on a Different Selection in SalesLogix

Question: Within SalesLogix I am trying to automatically set a lookupedit control
based on a selection from a different lookupedit control.  I choose a
Campaign Name and set the correct LeadSource, as an example:

Campaign ‘Client Picnic’ falls under a lead source of ‘Client Outreach’ How I’m attempting this is:

select case lueCampaign.Text
case “Client Picnic”
lueLeadSource.LookupID = “L6UJ9A000014”
case else
end select

might be setting the LookupID on the leadsource control, but the change
is not displayed.  Any suggestion on why this is happening?

Answer: You can’t set just the LookupID, you’ll have to set the Text property as well.



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