Can I customize the "Send SLX" button to record an email against a SalesLogix Opportunity, not an Account or Contact?


I have created a custom opportunity tab. This tab contains a text box for Name and a text box for Email Address.

I have a button that when its clicked uses Application.BasicFunctions.QueMessage to create an email. The recipient is populated with the email address from the Tab text box for the To:.

This emal address will be independant and not linked to any account, contact or opportunity on the system.

The problem i am having is when the user clicks my button and uses Send SLX to send the email, saleslogix tries to record the email against the Notes/History of a contact with that email address, which does not exist.

Is there a way to tell SLX that, if my button is clicked to invoke the email, record the notes/history against the related opportunity?


No. The Send SLX functionality cannot be modfiied, and it will only work againt Contact email addresses.
You could create your custom “Send SLX” Outlook Plugin and incorporate those features. Otherwise, just train the users to Drag and Drop the email onto the correct Opportunity

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