Can I populate a SalesLogix datagrid with data from two different Sql statements?


What code can I use to poplulate a SalesLogix Datagrid with two different sql statements? 

I have a datagrid that I populate using the following code:

Dim strSQL

With Datagrid1

strSQL = “Select * from myTable”

.SQL.Text = strSQL

With .Columns

If (.Count > 0) Then

For i = 0 To .Count – 1


End If

End With


End With

I want to be able to also add some records from a completely different sql string, for example,

strSQL1 = “Select * from myTable2”

and have that data also included in the datagrid. I just don’t know what the correct code is to do that? Is it .SQL.Text.Add ? or .SQL.Text.Append?



Providing your version of Sql supports this command, you can use the Union command to join the data from both SalesLogix tables and then display it in the datagrid.

strSQL = “Select * from myTable UNION Select * from myTable2”

as long as the columns line up you are good – in other words you likely need to replace * with a list of columns.

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