Can we have visibility to whom may be accessing the same record we are accessing in SalesLogix ??


We have several people accessing the same group of records in SalesLogix all at one time. We would like to find a way to add a label on the Account Detail/Contact Detail view, stating who may be accessing this record at the same time. Stating”record in use by “.

Any ideas?

SLX takes a complete new snapshot of the underlying record just prior to saving your data on the OK button click of a form…..doesn’t matter what the data values for the row were 1 – 5 hours ago when you opened up the form and then wandered away for a meeting or lunch. We had business rules and security breaches with regards to functionality at least once a day amongst 50 users…..usually when it was the SAME person with two different sessions of SLX logged in at the same time as different users….working on the SAME Opportunity….

Similar to your row storing technique, we used the form/screen/current session value of the key locking variables (in this case it was Opportunity Phase and Next Phase) and ran a quick DB query to determine if the screen values had changed versus the database….if they had, we simply put up an error message informing the user that we needed to refresh the opportunity….and if they wanted to (and still could) make the change they could go back into the form and try to make the changes…..

Basically if another user had changed the opp phase, another user who didn’t have security for that ‘new’ phase needed to be locked out of the page/form they were on.

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