Can you update a Custom field during a Mail Merge?


We have SLX LAN v7.2.1.


Whenever a user attaches an email or leaves a note, phone call etc. anything that creates a history to a contact or account it updates a custom field in the ACCOUNT table. We did this by adding some script to the “Sub Application_AfterCreateHistory(Activity, Sender)” procedure in the “Global Activity” plugin.


This works great when it’s the end user, but it doesn’t work when they do a mail merge and select either of the 2 History options in the second tab of the Mail Merge form:

1. Attach e-mail to each Contact

2. Add History record for each Contact

Is there another plugin that the mail merge uses that I can add our script? Or is there another way to do this?



It’s currently only possible to tie into the activity system for one-off mail merges (where the complete activity dailog is used). There isn’t currently any way to accomplish what you want.

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