Can’t Find Custom Table in the Query Builder in SalesLogix

Question: We have SalesLogix v6.2.6 and we used the Query Builder dialog to create
a custom list view, but I’m not seeing one of the tables that I would
like to access in the tree.  The table is custom and is related to an
additional custom table, and this table is related to the Opportunity

– Custom Table 1 (1:Many relationship to Opportunity table)
– Custom Table 2 (1:Many relationship to Custom Table 1)

both the Database Manager and the Joins dialog is looks like the join
is setup correctly.  When I tried to define the joins again I wasn’t
allowed to because the same joins already existed.  Can you help?

Answer: Because some joins are recursive the Query Builder doesn’t always
display joined tables.  To find the table you are looking for,
right-click on the join ID of the table you can see.  Now, either select
‘Create Local Join’ or ‘Global Join to YOURTARGETTABLE’.


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