Configure the Infor CRM SLX Web Client to Use Two IIS Application Pools

The Infor CRM SLX web client runs on IIS (Internet Information Server)  in 32 bit mode. On paper, a 32-bits would translate to being able to handle about 4 GB of memory.  However, applications are generally only free to assign 31 of the bits, translating to 2 GB of memory.  This is indeed the case for the 32-bit ISS application pool used by Infor CRM SLX.  If the web process is utilizes gets too close to 2 GB of memory used, it is likely lock up and/or crash. However, splitting the functionality the Infor CRM SLX web client into two application pools makes that limit much less severe, as each pool can separately handle its own 2 GB of memory. As the SData portal seems to be the functionality most susceptible to having its memory use balloon, it generally works best to give it its own application pool if you are adding a second pool.

Application Pools

To set this up on the server hosting the Infor CRM SLX web client, you need to open IIS Management. Under Connections on the left side expand the server name, then click on Application Pools to bring it up in the main Window.  Right click anywhere the blank space of Application Pools, and choose Add Application Pool.  Name this pool SData, and click Okay, accepting all the other defaults.  Now we need to configure that app pool to match the existing one.  Right click on the new SData application pool, and choose Advanced Settings. Near the top of that list, find Enable 32-Bit Applications, and set that value to True. A bit below that, either near the bottom without scrolling, or scrolling just a tiny bit lower, click on Identity, and then click on the ellipses […] to set the app pool’s Identity. Choose Custom Account, and then click Set. Enter the username and password for the service account. (the same one the other app pool is using, webdll being the default).

Application Pool Identity

We are now ready to move application for the Sdata portal to the new app pool.  Right click on the already existing Saleslogix application pool, and choose View Applications.  Now right click on the SData application there, and choose Change Application Pool.  Use the dropdown for Application Pool, and select the SData app pool.  Then click OK.  When you return to the list of application pools, you should now see that SData contains a single app, while the Saleslogix app pool has one less than before.

Change Application Pool

In order for all the changes to become live on the web portal, you will need to run IISRESET from a command line. This will briefly kick all user off the web client, though it should be immediately available to log back in. Once thing have started again, you can pull up the Task Manager to see there are two separate applications running. If sort by name, you can see two processes both named IIS Worker Process (32 bit).

IIS Worker Process

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