Determining Add/Edit/Delete Option a User Selects in SalesLogix v6.2.2

Question: I’m using SalesLogix v6.2.6 and I need to figure out the option a user
selects from the standard Add/Edit/Delete menu.  Can you help?

Answer: Here is how you can reference the item index:

‘Taken from Account:Contracts

Sub grdContractAccountPopupMenuCli

ck(Sender, Item)
Select Case Item.MenuIndex
Case 0 ‘Add Contract selected
CallContractView(“Add”) ‘DNL
Case 1 ‘Edit Contract selected

CallContractView(“Edit”) ‘DNL
Case 2 ‘Delete Contract selected
End Select
End Sub

Or, you can reference menu item Caption like this:

Sub PopupMenuClick(Sender, Item)

‘Execute code based on popup menu selection
Select Case Item.Caption

Case “&Add…”
‘Add something

Case “&Edit…”

‘Edit something

Case “&Delete”
‘Delete something

End Select
End Sub



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