Disabling UAC when installing Infor CRM

For this  post, I am going to cover something very basic.  I have seen UAC settings alluded to in many other posts, but it is a common enough issue it deserves a blog post all its own.  Installing Infor CRM with UAC enabled can cause problems that can only be fixed by a full uninstall and reinstall, so it is desirable to install correctly the first time.

When installing any Infor CRM product, it is important to 1) run the install program as administrator, and 2) make sure User Account Control settings are disabled.  The first is simple to do (just right click and choose Run as Administrator when running the program), but the User Account Control settings require a few steps.

On older versions of Windows, you could disable to UAC by setting the UAC slider all the way to the bottom in the control panel.  This still works for getting rid of dialog boxes, but newer versions of Windows (Windows 8 or Server 2012 or later) require UAC to be completely disabled in the registry in order for Infor CRM to install correctly.

Bring up the Windows registry editor by typing regedit in the Windows search function.  Now bring up the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system.  Double click the registry key EnableLUA (right side of regedit window), which will bring up an edit window.  Set the value to 0 (zero) to disable UAC.  You will need to restart the server for this change to take effect.  To re-enable UAC after installation, go back to the same registry key and set the value to 1.


  1. Hello,
    What kind of problems have you seen with UAC enabled ?

    • When installed with UAC enabled, parts of the program will be non-functional and result in errors when tried. The program has to be uninstalled and reinstalled with UAC disabled in order to correct this.

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