Displaying HTML Notes from a Record in a DevExpress Printable in Creatio (formerly bpm’online)

In bpm’online, each section has a “Notes” field which stores the text entered as HTML. If you want to display the notes content in a Word printable you’ll be out of luck and will just see HTML itself with all the markup, not the formatted HTML content (support reps have mentioned this is being looked into as a change for a future release, however, no specifics given yet). For a DevExpress printable, you can display the HTML as formatted HTML with a few easy steps. Let’s take a look.

First of all, when you drag a field from the Data pane (on the right side with the properties pane), you’re dragging a label. This won’t work for displaying formatted HTML. So, don’t drag the Notes field to the report designer. Instead, on the toolbox on the left, locate the Rich Text object, drag that to the report designer layout

Now, we’ll need to bind that to the Notes field in the report. Select the added Rich Text object, then in the properties window, in the Data section, expand Data Bindings, then Html. Use the dropdown for Binding to select the Notes property.

That’s it. Now when the report is rendered, It will display the formatted HTML for the Notes.

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Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley is the Director of Development for Customer FX and creator of slxdeveloper.com. He's been blogging regularly about SalesLogix, now Infor CRM, since 2001 and believes in sharing with the community. His new passion for CRM is Creatio, formerly bpm'online. He loves C#, Javascript, web development, open source, and Linux. He also loves his hobby as an amateur filmmaker.

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