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Running and Downloading a Printable via Javascript in Creatio

To run/create a printable in Creatio via client-side Javascript on a page, there’s an easy to use web service. We can also use the ServiceHelper module to make it easy to create the printable document as well. To run a printable and download the doc via code, first add the ServiceHelper module to the modules […]

Validating a Record Before a Printable Can be Run in Creatio

When using a printable in Creatio on a record page, you might want to control when the printable can be run based on conditions such as whether the data is complete on the record. This is an easy task by overriding a function that exists on the page. Note, this method can be used to […]

6 Easy Steps to Create a Word Printable Report in Creatio

1) Create new MS Word Report in Report setup area in Creatio First you’re going to open up the report setup area which you’ll find by clicking the gear in the top right corner and then click on Report setup. Then you’ll click new report and then choose MS Word. 2) Set up Report properties […]

Installing The Microsoft Word Plug-in for Creatio Printables

Printables are a very useful add on to have in your Creatio system and are very easy to create to make easy Word-based documents with merge fields. In order to create printables, you need to install the Word plug-in from Creatio. This will add functionality in Word that will let you open a printable template […]