Enable Sync in Infor CRM Web Using the Web Client

In order for anything to sync with the Infor CRM server, that sync needs to be specifically enabled on the server.  This is controlled in the Infor CRM web client, so you will need to have the web client deployed to be able to set this up.  Log on to the CRM web client as Admin, and expand INTEGRATION on the nav bar (left site).  Click Integrations under INTEGRATION, and a list of installed integrations is shown.  A few come standard with any CRM install, and more are available to be installed if needed.  You can double click on any of them to change the settings.

By default, none of these are enabled.  To enable one, check the enabled box.  In most cases, you will want to leave the other settings at the default values.  You might be tempted to change the value for Sync Method, but you generally do not want to.  This setting controls what sort of sync the serve will attempt.  In the case of Outlook sync, you want to the clients to initiate, so Does Not Sync is actually the correct setting.

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