Error: StringConverter cannot convert ‘String’ to ‘Boolean’

This error usually occurs because an entity property is set as the wrong datatype for it’s underlying field.  This happens because when adding a new entity from an existing table,  it doesn’t create those boolean properties correctly.

This is not an uncommon issue.  In fact, it comes up all the time and I’m sure it’s been mentioned on this site before.  I just wanted to re-iterate the issue and include some screenshots to demonstrate.

To demonstrate, I created a test table in the LAN Archetect and included a couple of SLXBoolean fields:


Once that table an those fields were comitted, I went into the Application Archatect, and created a new entity from an existing table.

When you look at the entity properties now, you can see that the Data Type for the properties created for the two boolean fields is listed as “Text”.  If you use these properties as-is, you will get the StringConverter error when trying to build with a checkbox bound to one of those properties.



Fixing this is easy.  Simply click on the Data Type to show the System Data Type editor.  When that opens, change the Select Data Type from “Text” to “True/False”.


Rebuild your interfaces, and you should no longer get that error.


Thanks for reading!




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Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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