Fixing the Type Mismatch Error After an Upgrade to SalesLogix 7.x

After a recent SalesLogix upgrade a user complained they were unable to add activities to a ticket or Punch Out of a ticket after they had punched in.  This functionality was working in the previous version.  The following errors were returned. 

An Error occurred executing active form script (System: Ticket Detail). Error in include script (TICKET:TICKET ACTIVITY SUPPORT): Type mismatch:’Result’ at line 529, char 5. 

 An error occurred executing active form script (System:Add Edit Ticket Activity).  Overflow at line 131, char 8

 What we discovered was the system was looking for information from the Office Profile in the SalesLogix Adiministrator.   We opened the Adminstrator and added the Primary and Shipping address info under the System Offices tab to resolve the issue. 

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